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Comment adapter l’entraînement lors d’un pic de pollution? (EN)

Comment adapter l’entraînement lors d’un pic de pollution? (EN)

Cardiologie du Sport et Environnements extrêmes - Fabrice Ivanes

How to adapt training during pollution peaks?

Air pollution is a mixture of particulate constituents and various gas (90%, e.g. ozone, NO2, SO2).


What do we call pollution peaks?

Many pollutants, many sources…

How do we measure/inform the population about air pollution?

Useful for public information
ATMO index associated with various recommendations regarding commuting, physical activity or management of indoor air.
Example for very bad air quality (ATMO 5)
New ATMO index defined in January 2021

What is the link between air pollution and cardiovascular diseases?

What is the weight of the different pollutants on health burden?

What are the mechanisms linking air pollution to CVD?

Why could association of pollution and exercise be a problem?

Interaction between exercise and air pollution may be more complex…

Physical activity may be beneficial in highly polluted areas

What is the best time to train?

What about wearing masks?

What about training inside?

In the end, what should we do?


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